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I have installed a new SONY cd-rw and nero 6.6 displays the message “Disabling SMART-BURN may result in writing errors and impact on the quality of disc recorded”. The burning process is OK though. The strange thing -for me- is that when burning with my NEC 3500 DVD-R, no message is shown. I assume it is nothing important, but any advices would be useful.Thanx

@ apos
I believe the NEC doesn’t have ‘Smart-burn’, but it has something similar(active OPC), it just isn’t switchable like smart-burn is, which I also think is Lite-on exclusive…it is best to leave smartburn enabled…it may save a burn!

In Nero, there are typically up to three checkboxes in the drive options:

  1. On the left, Underrun protection - you need a very good reason indeed to turn this off, though I belive you have to if you want to do a simulation (out it back on afterwards.

  2. On the right (bottom) - DVD high compatibility - write at least 1Gb … I believe that matters more in DVD-Video

  3. On the right (TOP) - Smart-Burn or other auto-speed selection
    Supposedly, this enables the speed to be matched to the media, but it’s often too optimistic for any older or lower grade media, and can be pessimistic for other media.

At one time, “Smart-Burn” did refer to Liteon’s answer to “Burn-proof” - and Burn-proof is to underrun protection, what “Hoover” is to vacuum cleaners - if tyou say it, people know what you mean, even if it’s not the actual thing!

AOPC is not equivalent to Smart-Burn. Smart-Burn, Burn-Proof, etc, are to prevent buffer underrun; AOPC is used to increase the quality of the burn by recalibrating the laser’s power at different points during the burn.


@ Matth, DRF
My bad…thanks for clarifying that:).

No problem.