Smart-burn only in lite-on made drives or no?

Hello group,
I was in the market for a new cd-rw drive and I was in Best Buy so I got a Norcent 48x12x48x drive. I couldn’t locate info on this drive and some how I landed on this site. I then found out that it is a Benq drive and that no one here really has anything nice to say about them. Well I think I am going to take it back and get this drive
Digital Research 48x16x48 Internal CD-RW Drive
I see that it has smart-burn so from what I gather that is the buffer under run technology that the lite-on drives use right?

Also I have an old tdk velocd 8x4x32x i think. Does anybody know who made that drive?

Thanks for your time and help.

If it has Smart-Burn it should be a liteon, and likely has Lite-On firmware. Just make sure that the actual package you pick up says Lite-On because Digital Research sells drives from muliple manufacturers. In fact, the box in the picture does not show a Lite-On drive at all (but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it contains what it shows).

The BusLink drives that they sell are more likely to be Lite-On, and will have Smart Burn listed on the front if they are. I believe they even had the 52x24x52 model on sale this week.

Your TDK 8x is a Plextore.