Smart-burn and Smart-X. Difference



What is the difference between Smart-burn and Smart-X on. How do I enable/disable these options. (it that is possible) I have a Lite-On 40125S.


Smart-burn: Adjusts the recording speed depending on the media inserted (Manufacturer, model, DYE type and condition). Some programs like Nero and CD-Mate allow this function to be disabled on some of Lite-On’s newer writers. On the older models the buffer underrun technology was a part of the smart-burn tech, but on the newer writers smart-burn may be disabled and still have the buffer-underrun protection enabled.

Smart-X: Adjusts the reading speed depending on the type of disc(audio, data, VCD, CD-R disc, CD-RW disc…) and condition (CD-R disc, CD-RW disc, scratched disc and such). Can’t be disabled.


How do I disable Smart-burn in Nero Can it be disabled in CloneCD 4?


Select ‘Choose recorder’ under the ‘Recorder’ tab, you should see two checkboxes, one for disabling Smart-BURN.


thanks Airhead, but is it possible to disable the smart-burn in CloneCD 4


I don’t think so.

And by disabling smart-burn you may get failed burns/coasters and unreadable/near unreadable discs.