Smart Burn and 4X CDRW media

I know there is faster CDRW media out there for cheap, but not here. I have a 5pk of Memorex 4X CDRW disc that I bought for my LG CED-8083B drive a good 6 months ago for $6.00 at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart still has no CDRW media that’s rated faster, and they are the only store in the area that has it that cheap. Money’s not the problem here, but I don’t need more than 5 CDRW disc anyway.
My question is about the SmartBurn technology in my new LiteOn LTR-32123S drive. I understand that it’s supposed to slow down burn speed automatically if the media can’t handle the speed. When burning to these 4X CDRW disc in CloneCD, it keeps trying to write at 4.79x, and causes errors. I have to set it to 2X, which takes teivce as long. My old LG CED-8083B writes to these disc at 4.79x in CloneCD with no problem. What could be the problem with the LiteOn not using the SmartBurn technology to deal with speed adjustments. CloneCD does detect it, and it’s turned on.

I presume you have the latest FW. You should have no probs with 4x CDRW media as long as the max burn speed is 4x. Your Liteon drive should detect the media as 4x & SmartX takes over… I have noticed, however, that the newer high speed burners don’t really burn particularly well at slower speeds. I’d say that the write strategies for anything below 8x speed revert to generic…

When CloneCD gives you actual write speed, a value of 4.x is not indicative that it’s exceeding average 4x speed. Why would you use a disk dupe program like CloneCD on CDRW disks?

I use sometime CDRW with CloneCD when in doubt about the ability to make a working copy. This way you can change parameters until the copy works and without making any coasters.