Smart and friendly CD-R dos drivers

I have a Smart and Friendly (out of business jerks) 226 SCSI CDRW drive. I’m running NT but I’m trying to get the drive to run in DOS. The SAF website has dos drivers for the 426 but not the 226. Anyone know if I can use those drivers or any other way to get it running in Dos? The computer belongs to my work so I can’t just start trying stuff at the risk of screwing it up. Thanks for the help.

I’m posting to this old thread because it came up when I searched: Smart and Friendly CD-RW 426 is a relabeled Yamaha CRW4001t-NB.

I’m guessing that the letters NB probably stands for ‘Not Yamaha Branded’.

In any case, the firmware links from Yamahas website once listed the a model ‘CD-RW 426’ as being the same as ‘CRW4001t-NB’, that is how I determined the drive is a Yamaha drive.