Smart And Friendly Burner Problems

I was wondering if somebody could help me with a little problem i have with my Smart and Friendly CD Racer (Model CD-RW 2224). I was recently upgrading my firmware and my computer locked up in the middle of the process. I let it go overnight waiting to see if it was just part of the process, but i ended up having to restart my computer. Since then, my CD Racer Burner will NOT power up. Does anybody know why this is happening? Thanks


well dunno i`m just guessing here but could it be because now the OS off the burner is corrupt…

I guess your next question will be how to solve it… Well since you cant flash the burner when its powerd off and you cant power it on unless you flash it… Well i havent got a clue…

Maybay some1 else has… Like your burner manafactor if i was you i would try to contact them.

#1 the drive is fried because the firmware didn’t finish flashing.

The only thing you can do is

#1. Take it to an electronics shop and see if they have an EEPROM Programmer that they can pop the chip onto and program it for ya.

#2. Buy a used drive and pop the EEPROM from it onto your drive .

(this requires some basic electronics knowledge)

#3. Buy a new CDRW altogether.


I have a new S&F CD Rocket Mach 12 Ultra SCSI External . New in the box with all software and cables incl. the scsi controller and cable for sale.

email me off the list if you’re interested.


<edit> Smart and Friendly is out of business so they’ll be of no help