Smallville season 6

I am having trouble with the smallville season six the sixth disk. For some reason it will not copy. It stops around 28 to 30% and/or 58%. I thought it was a I/O problem so I ran a disk check and everything was o.k.
I have ran into this problem with other disks in the past Like Batman Begins and Notes on a Scandal, but I never figured it out and thought it was time.
Can anyone help. Here is the log files from AnyDvd

What program(s) are you using???


Have you made sure that you downloaded the most current version of dvdfab hd.

its a 2007 disk. I aquired 30 days of night just over the weekend. As for update, I don’t get updates, i don’t have internet. I do all my downloads with a jump drive.
So if I replace my exe files from a new download, will that help. Oh and how exactly do I do that without messing the program up?