Smallville Season 5 Disc 6

Hi guys,

I’ve got:

AnyDVD (latest updates all installed)
Apollo DVD Copy (Primary Software)
DVD2One (Secondary Software)

I don’t normally have any problems, but when I try to make backup copies of my discs (I prefer using my copies as I don’t want to scratch my originals). I bought Smallville Season 5 on the weekend, and could copy every disc except the last one, Disc 6. It doesn’t throw up any Application errors, both applications just crash with an unknown error.

I used AnyDVD Ripper and could rip the entire Disc to the HDD, but could not Shrink it to fit on a DVD. Appart from having to buy a box of 8GB DVD’s, is there a way around this? I had this problem with Xmen 3 as well.

Cheers guys!

More info>>>> what versions are you using and what is the error if any. Do you have it set to the right region. And first thing check to see if the disc is scratched or smudged because if you copied the first 5 discs you shouldn’t have a problem with the 6th.

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What indications lead you to believe your “both applications just crash with an unknown error” problem lies with the AnyDVD ([B]Version Number Unknown[/B]) software program and not your Apollo DVD Copy (Primary Software) and/or DVD2One (Secondary Software) software programs?

The AnyDVD Software Program does not cause this problem. The AnyDVD Software Programs does not have anything to do with Encoding and/or Transcoding (Compressing/Shrinking) the size of DVD files. Apollo DVD Copy (Primary Software) and/or DVD2One (Secondary Software) software programs are the software programs involved in “Shrinking” the DVD Files.



I am using the latest version:

The disc is not scratched, nor smudged, as I am able to Rip the Disc onto the Hard Drive, but can’t seem to compress it without it crashing. There are no specific errors, it merely crashes.


I thought at first it would be the Copy Software, but after having the same problem on two seperate applications, I made the presumption that it was AnyDVD. Should I maybe download a trial of CloneDVD and try again with that?

Good idea. Even if CloneDVD fails, the error you receive would probably help to determine the problem.

I made a copy of Smallville season 5 disc 6 today with clone dvd. No problem.