Smallville and Blackhawk Down backup failed - DVD Fab 5 problems

Windows XP pro SP2

Pentium 4, 2.8 GHZ, 1 GHZ Ram

DVD RW drive – ASUS DRW-22B1S

I’ve just started trying to learn how to backup some of my movies and have spent several days downloading programs and reading forums on various processes. I don’t know a lot about computer mechanics so a lot of the terminology that I’ve read in the posts is meaningless to me. I’ve checked the FAQs and perused the posts and have not seen any that describe my particular problem although some were similar.

Problem: I cannot backup Smallville (Season 1) w/DVDFab or DVD Shrink. Backup failed with Blackhawk Down using DVD Fab.

My Attempts: (Smallville) I started trying to backup Smallville Season 1, disk 1 with DVD Shrink coupled with DVD43. It had some problems reading and verifying but after many different tries I got it on hard drive. When I tried watching the file created on computer it would open, start playing, jump to several different screens and go back to the menu. The movie menu and the audio were all in French!

I came to this site and spent several days searching and reading and it appears that a lot of folks have had success using DVDFab. I downloaded the 30 day free trial Platinum version from the .com site (not the .net site) and tried it. I had to uninstall DVD43 but other than that saw no problems

I ran the decrypter in Full mode and after about 5 minutes it gave me an error message and asked if I wanted to ignore errors. I checked ignore all errors and it started running, over and over. After about 45 minutes I shut it down and ran it in Main Movie mode. I got the same error and after checking the ignore error box let it run. After more than 2 hours I checked and it was still running, over and over. I used the same drive to play the movie from disk and it played fine.

The DVD Fab log reads:

Info for drive [E:] (DVDFab Platinum
Drive region: 1

Disc is not opened.

Checked Disk: Having read some of the problems encountered by others I checked the disk surface under 8X magnification for damage. It was pristine, not a scratch, smudge or even any lint on it. I then ran it through Nero Speed scan:


Nero DiscSpeed: Disc Info
Basic Information
Disc type: : DVD-ROM
Capacity: : 7.65 GB
: 7838 MB
: 8219449344 bytes
Extended Information
Layers : 2
Layer break : 3.92 GB
Track path : OTP
Copyright protection : CSS/CPPM
Region(s) : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
Raw Data
Physical Format Information (00h)
0000 - 01 02 31 10 00 03 00 00 00 FB 75 5A 00 22 63 FF - …1…uZ."c.
0010 - 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 - …

I’ve only played this disk a couple times (its been in and out of my computer more now than my DVD players) and it plays perfectly so I don’t think it’s a problem with a damaged disk.

(Smallville Disk 2): I tried backing up Disk 2. DVD Fab ran fine, no errors and went through the copy/burn process. I tried playing the disk in 2 players and it didn’t work. It would read for about 3 minutes before bringing up the menu screen, then when I hit play it just stopped and wouldn’t go any further.

(Blackhawk Down) When Smallville failed I tried backing up Black Hawk Down in DVD Fab. I ran through the copy and burn process and it appeared fine. When I tried to play disk, It flashed to the menu then quit.

I ran the Blackhawk files created by DVD Fab through DVD shrink, authored for Main movie and ran compression for DVD5 (I was tired of wasting $1.50 on DL disks). I ran the files through FixVTS then burned to 4.7 disk with ImageBurn. It played fine.

I’ve successfully backed up War of the Worlds and Alien and they work so I don’t think the problem is my ASUS drive.

Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong or what the problem is with DVD Fab or anything else would be very much appreciated. I really want to find something that works (and that I can work) before I shell out any cash so software suggestions would also be appreciated.


Getting rid of DVD43 was a good start as it can cause you problems, also DVDshrink can do the first 4 seasons of Smallville as I have used it to do them. Now dvdfab should be able to do them also so what you should do is go into common settings in dvdfab and change pathplayer default.

Change the default setting from enable when necessary to always enabled. If that not work then disable pathplayer and try again. Now you not say what kind of blank media you are using so try burning at 8x speed or even better 4x speed.

Now since you already have ImgBurn you can use it as the burn engine for dvdfab and here is a video from youtube that a fellow member made explaining how to use Imgburn with dvdfab

The VSO burn engine gives some users problems with burning and playback. That continuous loop you are seeing is pathplayer trying to open the disc so try with always enabled or with it disabled never the default as that is what causes the never ending loop

Just to add to my good friend GJ’s reply, you may also want to check the transfer status of your drive/burner make sure it is in DMA([B]D[/B]irect[B]M[/B]emory[B]A[/B]ccess) mode…with all those trys and failures it may have been reverted to PIO mde :eek:
Of course you can simple open DVDFab and go into common settings [B]->[/B] “General” and click on the “Reset DMA” button :cool:


Thank you very much for the great info. I obviously have a [B]lot[/B] to learn.

I went through the process described and found my DMA setting was still set at DMA.

I checked DVD Fab setup and the pathplayer was set to enable (from some of my previous attempts).

I uninstalled DVD Fab and erased it. Downloaded again, set pathplayer to disable and ran the 2 Smallville disks again. Same results as before. Disk 1 would run continuously without opening and Disk 2 would open, decrypt and copy fine then seize up when playing (another coaster). Used Ritek disk that scanned at grade 7.8 out of 8. (The only Verbatim disks I have right now are 4.7gb and they scan at 7.6) :sad:

I tried DVD Shrink again [U]without[/U] DVD43. Disk 1 & 2 - Both got to 49% and both stopped with a message reading Copy protection error.

I [U]reinstalled[/U] DVD43, ran Disk 1 and at 49% it stopped and the message said “Data Error - Cycle Redundancy Check”.

I then ran Risk 2 through again and it paused for a long while at 49% then continued on. As this happened before and I got an unplayable disk I haven’t tried to burn it.

The Data Error would lead me to think that the disks were damaged except that they both seized up at exactly 49% with the copy protection error so I’m thinking that something else is going on.

I have a new computer coming in next week so I think I’ll try it on that with a fresh system install in case something in my current computer is causing problems.

Thanks again for all your help. I really appreciate it!

Rog :cop:

Then it sounds like you just might have a bad source disc and need to exchange for a new one. As for the Ritek they may scan by 0.2 better than the verb but just might not work 6 months to a year from now.