hello !

i has only smallfonts except in the that carries out where indicated becomes how much place
already occupied are.
view a pic

This problem seems to come out of your X-Window configuration. Try another GTK1-based application, normally the result should be the same.

In order to correct this, check if all the required fonts are installed, and check your XF86Config file.

Take a look here:

Or you can try with gtk-theme-switch:

To change the font size you have to click on the icon that have a mouse cursor in the middle.

If you have debian install this package ( apt-get install gtk-theme-switch ), on other distro search on the tool that the distro have to install software.

When you finnish with the font size and after a reboot the font looks like the first you post, run always gnome-settings-daemon in background.

Have a look at the fonts installed on your system; I remember when I first became aware of this problem on my Debian Sarge setup when using XMMS. I solved it by installing:


Your problem might be resolved this way. BTW, which Linux are you using?



thx that was it. :bow: