Smaller Images

Hello Ive been looking for some software thats mostly meant for Game Images, I forgot what its called, this is what it does

You select an image and then you select the outcome path
(IE: C:\Program files\etc\etc) and then deletes all unecasary files, mostly instalation files and you end up with a very small compact version of the big image and then you can use the smaller image for mounting and playing your game without a CD

Do any of you know the name???

You could try Game Jackal, link in my sig.

I remember this little tool it was for SafeDisc protection I’ll take a look when I’m at home :).

Got it Henry145 it’s called MIR by Cirkutz. Hope that’s what you were looking for :).

Yup that the one im looking for thx so much :iagree: :iagree: