Small warning for users of Inkjet Printable Taiyo Yuden DVDR discs



This is a Public Service Announcement for all people who use inkjet printable (IJP) Taiyo Yuden DVD+R and DVD-R and then print on them using inkjet printers:

The inner radius of these discs is about 3 mm larger than with the T-Y CDR discs. Many CD Printing programs are initially calibrated for the small radius of the CDR discs, so when you try to print graphics on a DVDR, it tries to print on the hub area and you get printing defects in the form of small wobbly lines around the hub.

Note: I am not using hub printable discs here - this refers to the regular IJP discs.

So please remember to carefully adjust your CD Printing software’s settings to adjust for the larger inner radius of the T-Y DVDR discs. Have a nice day and happy holidays everyone.