Small test : double layer and DVD reader compatibility

I just burn my first Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x on a NEC ND-2510A with 2.16 official firmware. The DVD-ROM booktype was positionned with WinBType

The original DVD was ripped by DVDShrink with the “remove layer break” option on, and burned with Nero (Fr) in ~42 minutes (7.82Go only).

Some screen shots :

The following DVD burner/readers were tested (read of 1st and second layer OK)

Model - Status
Philips 737 (rev. C) - OK *
NEC ND-2510A - OK
Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1712 - OK
Hitachi DVD-ROM GD-7500 - OK
Liteon DVD-ROM JLMS-XJ-HD 163 - OK
XBOX (first generation with a Thomson player) - OK

A CD/DVD read test on the NEC ND-2510A (a poor 5x limited reader by default :sad: )

A CD/DVD read test on my Toshiba 1712 (cracked : no riplock…)

  • The Philips 737 was the only DVD reader to show a small layer break latency. The other PC DVD Player or XboX Player certainly use RAM or Hard Drive cache and did’nt show this little latency between the 2 layers…

6 tests, 6 success : :bow:
It confirms that DVD-ROM bitsetting is very important for DVD+R DL discs :wink:

PS : sorry no Kprobe test was possible, the liteon reader tested isn’t mine and wasn’t in my PC…

:slight_smile: Nice

If only the prices for Double layer media would fall a bit. I would be willing to pay £3 per disc but not the present cost of between £7 and £9. It’s nice to know that DL at least seems pretty compatible on set top players though.

I just find that the Philips 737 show the little latency on the original DVD too (but not exactly at the same point).

So the DVD+R DL disc, DVDShrink option and Nero are not faulty…
It’s the “layer break” reading capacity of the Philips 737 that is… crappy.