Small skips on my Audio Recorded CD's

after running the mp3’s i want through tunebit they run great and sound great on my pc/mp3 players. but once i put them on a cd as audio files each song has a slight skip/pause. i use nero to burn the cd’s. im not sure if its nero or what. help would be much apperciated. thanks for your time fellas.

Are you using cheap CD-R and what speed do you burn at?

Also Burrrn ( is a good , free alternative to Nero so if you try this it might identify Nero as being at fault or not.

its a $135 dollar Memorex and i am burning at almost 50x’s i can backup regular cd’s and burn cd’s with audio files that ive ripped off of a cd. its just the files that go through tunebit, and its like this on both my pc and my laptop. its gotta be a tunebit issue. thanks for your replay.

Its a Nero 7.xxxx problem, converting MP3 to WAV and burning. I’m not sure if its fixed in the latest update?

I have downgraded to my good old Nero 6 :smiley:


ill shrall try burrrn and see if it works any diffrent through that. thanks for your replays fellas. much apperciated. quick question…whats some good easy software out there to burn dvd’s? once again thanks.

Using an older version of the MP3PRO DLLS seems to resolve it in some cases ( or earlier) , though others report that Nero is ok although it has the same version.

It seems this problem is not apparent on all systems, though no common factor seems to have turned up yet - other than that the older DLLS normally fix it.

whats some good easy software out there to burn dvd’s? once again thanks.

DVD Shrink with AnyDVD is good. Shrink is free…AnyDVD cost. It’s at

The problem with Nero still exists. I’m downloading an alternative now as Nero is NOT fixing the problem.