Small Scratches on disc that won't buff out

i am in the process of ripping my library of cds to my HDD and i am using EAC with lame as most people do but i have run in to a huge problem and don’t really know what my options are so here it is i am trying to rip some CDs with small scratches and i did one yesterday that took 4hrs while EAC did its error correction and i don’t really have that kinda time to be wasting and like i said earlier i just want to know what kinda options i have

When that has happened to me, I chose to buy a used copy from or

Or bring the one you have to a record store or something and ask them if they can remove them. That’s what I do

to me thats when use of a file sharing software should be legal to download music. ive got a couple cd’s that skip on like one or 2 songs that i really dont wanna go out and spend $20 or so on the cd again.

well try one of these…

Hey sometimes it worth trying burst mode. I’ve had good luck with burst mode skipping past small scratches yet still coping all the music. Sometimes you may get a glitch which can easily be edited out with an audio editor. I do use burst mode as a last resort, I normally do a secure error correcting rip.


oh hell - I’d just look for a torrent, & specify a FLAC one if you want “good as the original” quality. Then convert flac to MP3 if you want to save space.
After all you do still own the original CD so you are within the spirit of the copyright laws even though technically you should go out & buy another copy.

Actually according to many interpretations of copyright laws you’d be
within the letter, let alone the spirit, of the law if you own ANY genuine
published copy. CD, LP, Cassette, 45 or even 8-track you have already
paid for the work, and thus have a right to make duplicates for your
own use under the “Fair use” doctrine.

HOW you make duplicates is up to you.

Though the record companies wouldn’t agree I’d dearly LOVE to
be sued by one on this issue, they’d be "Bent over & spread wide"
for the court president I’d get them to finance the creation of…

Aside from all the dire warnings about the illegality of
"unauthorized duplication", the fact is unless you are making
copies to give away or sell, any duplication you do is "authorized"
under US law.

IF you live elsewhere your have different rules.