Small record stores almost half in 10 years due to hard times

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   In a  period of just 10 years, the number of small independent record stores fell from  5,000 to just 2,800 as a result of diminishing sales and customers.   One popular store in New...
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I hate going to record shops now. You have to look through the racks etc and I have a somewhat obscure taste in music so they never have what I want. If I go to Amazon, Play etc just type the name in and its there. I think its more a reflection of the hugely diverse taste of today’s music consumer. I mean Beatles bootlegs???
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one of my old friend had a small records store, but he closed it a year ago. his main problem was keeping the inventory. many of his customers were looking for records from very popular recent releases to not so popular ones & he did not have enough space nor fund to get all. another major problem was the price of records. the records distributors were asking him as much as retail walmart prices for popular titles & he was also forced to buy not so popular ones to get “rebates” he told me he could not just compete with stores like bestbuy & walmart i don’t know if the rebates are world wide phenominon, but in usa, this rebate things are causing tons of headaches & most electronics/tech stuffs are coming with rebate offers.:frowning:

Retail is a risky frontier to make money in anyway. Competing with the big guys is hard enough. I don’t remember the last “local” record store that was around my area, and I live about 30 minutes outside of Wash DC. You have all the Best Buy, Circuit City, Tower, etc…

as it has already been pointed out the big chain stores selling CDs etc is having more of an impact than downloading music. The same thaing has happened in Australia over the last 8-10 years with shops like butchers, delis and the corner store where people used to go to buy their bread and milk etc. As supermarkets have started to sell more of these goods than they used to and begun opening longer hours making it more convenient for shoppers to access these goods at a cheaper price in their own time the smaller retailers just get squeezed out of the market

While there has been a demise of smaller record stores, not all of them will die because most of the larger chain stores will never carry the independant and obscure bands… the big stores are there for a profit, and the mainstream is where they stay. There will always be ma-n-pa’s that aren’t afraid of local bands or tweaky little acts.

Not to worry, the RIAA and the big labels will surely dump some $$ into the small shop owner’s lap and figure out a way for him to stay afloat. After all, they REALLY care about their retailers, right? :+

themushroom, you are right, but how much can you get from selling obscure band cd’s? i mean, you have to sell loads in order to keep your store, but then again the bands are obscure, so you don’t sell much… so you’re put out of business.

Plus the obscure bands can now sell direct off their own web sites.