Small question on DVD recorders

I’m planning to get myself a nice christmas present in the form of a DVD recorder.
I started with the idea of getting one with a hard drive for two reasons: 1) you can record on the spot and worry about burning later on, and 2) you can cut your videos removing ads, credits and whatnot before burning.
However, since they cost so damn much, I was wondering if I could do point 2 with a much cheaper DVD-only recorder, my computer and VirtualDub.
Recording on the spot on the HD isn’t that important, since all it takes to be able to do the same with a hd-less unit is to have a DVDRW at hand, but removing ads is necessary.
So, the question: in which format do dvd recorders burn?
My idea is:

  1. record whole show to DVDRW, including some time before and after as my country’s tv programs aren’t very precise
  2. pop dvdrw into computer, open file(s) with VirtualDub, cut everything that isn’t needed, save on hard disk (perhaps compress to DivX to save space)
  3. Burn to DVDR or keep on hard drive for sharing

Is this possible? Or do I have to rip the disc before being able to modify anything? I mean, I don’t think home dvd recorders put CSS into their DVD recordings or anything… right?

I just got my new Sony DVD recorder yesterday - and I would say getting the hardrive is a big plus. I did do the whole thing of recording 2 episodes of friends that were shown back to back and tried to edit out on my PC - was a pain in the bum - the edit function on the Sony is actually very good - shame I didnt read the manual first - plus you have the feature to pause TV - just in case someone phones!!

As far as I know the only problem in recording for me is that Sky (my digital provider) can put restrictions on some movies, but I think that is only on some pay per views.

Why was editing a pain?

I’m not buying anything by Sony, though… just thought I’d mention it. I’m boycotting them over the whole XCP drm fiasco.

You will be okay with an entry level multi-format DVD-Recorder. These units can record on all media (+/-R/RW) and later as you mentioned, you can edit the content (no ripping required) as you like in your PC, including of course converting to DivX.

Got myself a LG DR-7800… thanks :slight_smile:

Er… what program do I use to edit the files?
The format is standard DVD (ie ifo and vob files), and virtualdub won’t read it.

Also: what are the secret codes on this unit? You know, region-free, software version, perhaps macromedia protection?

I. To make it region free:

  1. Power On
  2. Open Tray
  3. Press Setup
  4. Highlight the Lock Picture (Don’t Enter Right hand Menu)
  5. Press “0” seven times
  6. You should now have a message on the screen saying “This player is now Region Free” or something along those lines.

    II. For editing:
    I have used VideoReDo:

Good luck.

Worked like a charm. It said “Congratulations! The player(loader) is now region free!”.
How nice… it congratulated me! :stuck_out_tongue:

II. For editing:
I have used VideoReDo:

Will try. Thanks.

Edit: seems just what I need, but it has this annoying personality defect of wanting me to fork over money to work for more than 15 days. My attepts to convince it otherwise have proven unsuccesful.

Anything freeware?

I am glad you were congratulated. :wink:
Will look for some software and let you know. (I have given up on editing long time ago, time consuming).

I have just bought one of these, and it did not come with the manual - any1 got any ideas about where I can get the manual (pdf preferable).

Upping this thread because I’ve started using the recorder more often and am in desperate need of an editing program.
Basically all I need is to get the recording from the dvdrw, cut out the ads and useless parts, and squish it down to divx/xvid.

anyone know of any dvd recorders out there that you can actually buy that have macrovision hacks? I know the Ilo DVDR04 works, but you can’t find it except used on ebay, and the cyberhome 1500 but again you can’t find it. Thanks for any and all help.
I wanna return the DVDR05MU1 I bought if I can find one that actually records from other DVD’s. I’m gonna try and trick it by running the feed to my reciever, then back to the dvd burner, maybe that will work.