Small question about winoncd

I would like to insert pauses between tracks when making an audio/cdtext cd, I can add it, but the dialogue says: “pause before this track: 00:02:00”
->and what does this mean? is it two minutes, two sec, or what? I want to add 2 seconds, is this the right setting, or should it be 00:00:02, or would it be then miliseconds? this is confusing and I couldn’t find any anything in the help file.
and besides, if I insert pause, the overall time doesn’t increase in the bar below (which shows how much space is needed). added a pause of 00:59:00 (is this one minute?) for all tracks, and overall time stays the same, although it should have increased theoretically by 10 min (1 min pause before every track, 10 tracks altogether). please clarify me on this issue, I don’t get it

The default of 00:02:00 is 2 seconds.

The recording time in the lower right corner is just recorded material, not including pauses.

You can add as much as a 5 minute pause between tracks, but they probably think that most people won’t try this. :bigsmile:

but if the pauses are not counted, how does winoncd know whether the space will be enough? will it start to burn and then say in the middle of burning, “oh, sorry, but there’s not enough space left because of pauses, you have to throw away this cdr, it’s a coaster now” or what?

I suppose that you could, if you are concerned, multipy the number of tracks by 2 seconds and add the total pause time to the recording time.

If the total recording plus pause time is past the nominal capacity of the CDR, go to Options | Disc Meter Size and increase the disc capacity enough to overburn the additional time caused by the pauses. :wink:

I would caution you against automatically adding a 2 second pause between tracks, as most recorded material already has a 2 second pause between tracks by default. This is not the same as the annoying 2 second gap that can be caused by track-at-once recording.

In the Help | Audio CD Project | Audio Editor it describes the “Pause” setting as only being used in track-at-once recording to remove the 2 second gap caused by TAO. This may be eliminated by changing the gap from 2 seconds to 0 seconds.

It seems from my reading, that you shouldn’t be adding a 2 second pause at all, but just leave the tracks alone.