Small question about Azureus

I’ve read somewhere that, while in uTorrent or BitTornado your download rate is proportional to your upload, in Azureus you can set your upload to whatever you wish and it’ll still download at full speed.

I’m no leecher, but I do have an asymmetrical line (1280 down, 256 up), so I have to keep upload to about 20 if I want to do other things on the net. I think this slows down my torrent downloads, and this is why I’d like it if Azureus really worked like that.

So, does it?

I don’t think it’s true.
I have been downloading files @ 650 kb/s with an average upload of like 5 kb/s (I know but my max. upload is 20kb/s).
Did you read this on the main page of Azureus :slight_smile: ?

That download speed is depending on upload speed is a known fact of many (all?) torrent clients.
That Azureus wasn’t influenced by this, I read here, in the post by “10kbps”.

how do you download torrents that fast??

It’s Very smart question :confused:

the answer with me … do you need him? :disagree:

by magic :bigsmile: