Small problem with my NEC 2510A using Herries' 107v2b5 firmware

Hi All.

I just recently updated my NEC 2510A using Herries’ 107v2b5 firmware by way of DOS. I was wanting to speed up the burning of 4x media to 8x.

The hack seems to have worked with Alcohol 120% but when i use STOMP Record NOW Max to burn Data DVD’s I hit a problem.

It burns the DVD’s but when it trys to verify the files burnt it says the files are different then the ones on my hard drive.

I did not have this problem before i updated the firmware so i guess its that.

Is there anything i can try, as i love the increased burn speed but can not find a program that burns Data DVD’s as well as Record Now Max.

Any help would be great.

Thanks all

ENTERPRISENX01 :slight_smile: