Small luggable HTPC and PHP/SQL box


i want to replace two HP Compaq 1.8ghz 2GB TC4200 laptops, need lots of Chrome tabs open, and my old dual 1.8ghz 1.5GB desktop all running XP.

I want to be able to play HD TV content and do one of the following:
Chrome with 20 tabs
Wordpress PHP SQL development
Astro imaging video and DSLR processing.
So drive a monitor and TV.
Where away from home can an Android tablet be used as a monitor?

My current thoughts:

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. Got.
Dual boot Ubuntu.

Chieftec FI-01B case with 200W PSU
MSI B75FI-E33 motherboard
I3-3225 with HD4000 built in
8GB Ram (16GB seems too much) Corsair Vengance 1.35V
OCZ Vertex 4 128GB SSD
WD 500GB Velociraptor 2.5"
Slimline Blu-Ray/DVD Writer SN-506B

I want quick load and hibernate times.
And able to handle updates and anti-virus and malware in the background.


MSI B75IA-E33 motherboard