Small improvement idea for AnyDVD

Newer versions of AnyDVD is set automatically to high-priority, I suggest to change this to abovenormal-priority.

Reason: This way AnyDVD still is higher priority than normal, but I still can set programs I need to higher priority than AnyDVD when needed. Next you propably recommend me to just put mu programs I want to REALTIME-priority, but that is not recommended as it not meant to use for “daily stuff”. It really kinda mixes Windows sometimes and can cause some hang issues as it really means that when REALTIME-priority program asks for CPU, CPU instantly forgets anything else an that may cause problems.

Thank you

I believe you misunderstood the reason, why AnyDVD has high priority.
AnyDVD is a driver, splitted into a kernel mode part (AnyDVD.sys / AnyDVD.vxd) and a user mode part (AnyDVD.exe).
You WANT to run the user mode part at high priority. It SHOULD have a higher priority than your usual programs, otherwise a disc change won’t be recognised by the system.
As AnyDVD.exe is 99.9% idle, setting it to a high priority does not affect other programs at all.

It is higher priority than other programs in abovenormal-prority, but still in some cases I wan’t some specific program be most high priority, and realtime isn’t recommended so that leaves high-priority left…

Or maybe to invent setup for selecting yourself and remembering it?

You didn’t get my point… If the AnyDVD driver would run completely in kernel space, it would always have a higher priority than all user mode programs. No matter what priority class you choose for your program.
But I originally designed it, that part of the driver runs in user mode.
Having parts of the driver in user mode makes porting/debugging/… much easier. I would run AnyDVD.exe as realtime priority class, but SlySoft probably didn’t dare to do this.
AnyDVD is idle all the time, but if it needs your CPU, it must get it. Otherwise disc changes wouldn’t be recognised. Assigning a high priority class to AnyDVD is “a good thing”.

I did get your point @ first time :wink:

Realtime isn’t good idea, and good it wasn’t done that way. High is good. I know that most of time AnyDVD is idle and so on what you told about that. It is just me :cool:

And don’t get me wrong, it is very awesome program indeed, just some feature wishing :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe something “use registry”?