Small dilemma... computer problem or software problem?

I think this is more of a computer problem but I’m not sure. I have my specs posted below, Intel Application Accelerator is not installed - I can’t install it on this chipset. I notice on my media (note - it’s not TY or Maxell or any top brand stuff) I am getting a lot of avalanching towards the end of the disc in my NEC-ND2510A and my BenQ DW1620A that I wasn’t getting before on my old computer. I’m wondering what changed and how to fix it? hehe, I’d take any suggestions - it really seems to be worse on Ritek DVD+R RicohJPNR01 media for me then it does even on my cheap Supermediastore media which seems odd. The BenQ is running G7Z9 firmware (seems to be pretty good, reduced some of that avalanching towards the end…) and the NEC is running Mad Dog 2.F8 Quikee’s Beta 2. Any help or suggestions is appreciated even if you just want to throw me a PM with some suggestions. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Oooooh, the computer is also brand new so that’s why I guess the questions came up. It’s not overclocked so is stable. Nero Version is and CloneDVD2 version is… should I roll back version numbers on the software? Anyone have any experience with them to know if they could potentially the issue?

I rolled back Nero Versions and I hope this is a sign that I got it fixed:

Burned on my NEC-ND2510A:

sigh Turns out my poor NEC-ND2510A is dead and that’s why that scan showed absolutely NO PI Failures throughout the whole thing. Soooo, I ordered a brand new NEC 3500AG from Newegg today to drop in this system. The BenQ is currently set as Master and I did a re-scan of a new burn to test, pretty scan! I think the bad and dying NEC-ND2510A was interfering with the BenQ and not allowing it to burn properly…