Small changer writer

Anyone remember the NEC 4x and 6x 4 CD changers that were the same size as standard drives? Anyone also remember how bad they were since without any onboard cache, anything you did made the drive cycle through all 4 discs to relearn what they were? It was a great idea destroyed by bad design.

What was useless for a reader would be fantastic for a writer even if it were just as badly designed. I’d love to have a 4 CD changer writer. I’d load up 4 blanks, tell the software the next 4 CD’s I want to write, and have it go to town. All you would need is 3 of these and you could hammer out 12 CD’s at a time unattended.

Robots have been invented for this purpose that take from one spindle and after writing put it on another spindle.
In the cdfreaks shop there are complete systems available for those needs.