Small But Annoying Problems, Help, Please

I have read throughthese forums and have done what Alot of others have had Problems with…
But My problems Are still occuring.
I have a Sony DVD Recorder, DRU-810 with the Benq 1640 (I think that’s what it is) Firmware. I’m running Windows XP Pro 64 Bit, with an Athlon Dual Core 64 Bit Processor.
I have 3 GB Memory and 2-300GB Hard Drives.
I’m using DYD Decryptor to burn my ISO’s with the Booktype set to DVD-Rom.
My Problem: The movies I back-up stutter in Spots. I can stop the movie and restart it and it runs just fine. My PS2 Games I back-up sometimes run, sometimes do not.
I’m using Taiyo Yuden DVD+R Media, and I’m burning them at the 2.4x Speed, which is the slowest setting it will allow.
I’m hoping that My problem is just a stupid operator error, I can handle being called a dumb ass. But If I have a possible hardware malfunction or something, then I’ll have to address that. I hate having a hit or miss. I would like to have a 90% Success Rate. I can handle a 10% coaster rate.
Also, When I burn, I don’t so anything else on that system. I use my Other system.
Thanks for any help.

I don’t know anything about PS2 backups, but I’d imagine your movies backed up to TY discs would be better burned at the rated speed.

Burning slower often produces worse burns than at the max speed (a possible exception is 16x media, which is often best burned at 12x).

Have you tried burning your movies at the rated speed for those discs, by any chance?


No, I was under the impression that the slower I burn, The better. I’ll try a handful at the 8x the Media is rated for. I’ll even throw a few at 4x. I wasn’t aware that the faster burns made better burns… Like I said, I hope this is an operator error… I’ll burn a few tomorrow. Thanks for the help…

Also download QSuite from the Benq website. It has a few tools that you can use to improve burn quality i.e. SolidBurn, Walking Optimal Power Control (WOPC), etc. A user guide is also available on their site for it.

Make sure that you have Benq firmware on the drive or you won’t be able to use it. It will show up as a Benq brand rather than Sony if it is.

Download CD_DVD speed from and run quality test on medias burned at diff speed. 1640 support scanning for sure. Then compare with the other members’ scans. U r OK if quality score is 70% and above.