Small bug in CloneDVD - blank DVD titles not handled correctly



Within the ‘last’ panel of CloneDVD, where you choose the output mode, record speed etc, there is the DVD title text box.

At some point in the past I manually typed in a title name, replacing whatever text was automatically extracted from the original DVD.

Now, if ever I burn a DVD without any title, then my manually entered DVD titlename appears. A DVD with a title is fine, but if any subsequent DVD without a title is inserted, once again the manually entered name is there by default.

If I change the title name, then this new name becomes the default for every titleless DVD I insert in the future.

This looks like a simple bug where the title name variable is not being cleared before the next DVD title read.

Hopes this helps in the ongoing battle against the bugs.


I don’t think this is a bug, I believe this is by design.


I get this to, but I never thought to post about it. a lot of my latest dvds are burned with the correct video, but the wrong volume label. it does sort of annoy me when I don’t pay attention and remember to change it.

tru, do you have any idea WHY this might be designed on purpose or do you think it was just something that may have been overlooked?

i wonder if there’s any possibility of having this incorporated into the next update. I definitely don’t think it’s deserving of its own update as it’s just a minor thing, but the next time they’re tinkering with the program, this might be something quick to throw in there for those of us that are idiots sometimes and forget to make sure the voume name matches the files being burned…


If you burn with AnyDVD on the fly, it will copy the title from the original DVD. If you burn from hard disc files, it will put DVD VIDEO as the title. If you change the title, it will keep that change on every title burned from files until you change it back.


when you say “burn from files” do you think it could be either files OR ISO using the write existing data function?

I mostly use “write existing data” so i guess this would explain why this happens to me.

and i guess it wouldn’t make sense for clonedvd to fix it, since i don’t think the program even looks at the ISO that is being burned (a volume label probably can’t be extracted in this mode) sinec it just burns as is.

nevermind…I’ll just put a post it next to my monitor that says “dear nicole, change volume label you moron”


I think it should default to the folder you’re writing from as the label name, personally. So that if you use the write existing data feature and select a folder on the hard drive, it will default to using that folder as the label. As for ISOs, there’s not much you can do on that one…it’s embedded in the ISO. But the write existing data feature could be improved upon in that respect. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I started using CopyToDVD to write out my DVD’s…I hate having to remember to manually change the name. Lazy? You betcha.


this is unless the source DVD you’re copying from on-the-fly doesn’t have a label - then CloneDVD inserts the last manually entered label you put in sometime before. If you change this label to the correct DVD titlename, then the next blank titled DVD you burn on the fly will default to THIS label name… There is no way that this is by design… it’s a bug.

The design should be that if the DVD has no title - guess what - the label name should by default be blank…


ok then…

have you submitted a bug report to elby or slysoft (not sure who is in charge of tweaking this program anymore as everything they do seems to be so collaborative)


Oh, Reasons…just a note for a fellow lazy person. :wink: The quickest way I’ve found to label it correctly is to open the AnyDVD window and copy the title from there and paste it into the label field. Hope this helps. (I still find copytodvd better in that it uses the folder name if you set it up that way)


I agree, truncate if necessary. And if on the fly, then the disc label.