(small bug) CD Freaks favicon set to vBulletin default?

When browsing to CD Freaks, I noticed that the favicon [the little icon used for favorites, etc] is not the CD Freaks logo that it used to be, but is now the [I suppose] default vBulletin logo. Just figured I’d throw this out as a heads up. :flower:

P.S.: You may have to clear your cache to notice this.

Pic 1 is of my favorites [with the old CD Freaks icon cached] in FF
Pic 2 is of the way the address bar and tab shows the icon in IE8beta
Pic 3 is the same, but in FF3RC2

I noticed this a week or so ago Albert. I miss the cd also sniff sniff

Using FF with Vi$ta Ultimate 64 bit

Hi :slight_smile:
You both need a good clear out.
I have no probs. :bigsmile:

On a serious note your problem happens my end too. If I use FF. Regardless of version.
I just tried Opera, same vB default favicon there too.
So only IE working in this respect.

I have the same problem. Its really not a problem LOL.

I have the same and it wasn’t like that the other day either but as alan1476 said not a problem but we want it back. :smiley:

Its fine on the front page but it just uses the default VBulletin Favicon in the forum.

[QUOTE=Dr. Who;2074978]…not a problem but we want it back. :D[/QUOTE]Ditto. :bigsmile:

Unfortunately I only have access to an old forum area on the servers (used until 2006 I think) or I would have changed it already.

Fixed, Thanks Liggy.:flower:

Not fixed here.

It was fixed for about 10 minutes this morning but now its back to the default VBulletin Favicon. The one on the front page is fine. Its just the forum. I am sure they will fix it, its really not a big deal.:cool:

Domi should be able to fix it within a minute once he reads this.

Anyone has a stopwatch for him :bigsmile:


Stopwatch shows 1 hour and still going??? :smiley:

LOL, it’s funny how something as small as this is so interesting. :bigsmile:

DoMi, Liggy, they’re our guys
If they can’t fix it…well, meh. :stuck_out_tongue:

[QUOTE=Bob;2076258]Not fixed here.[/QUOTE]Now fixed :clap: Thank you to whomever.

[QUOTE=Bob;2076697]Now fixed :clap: Thank you to whomever.[/QUOTE]
Ditto. :flower:

YEA! it’s fixed. :smiley:

Well once again here we are with this same thing happening after the upgrade.

Albert will be on you guys soon about this! lol

As long as I don’t clear my cache [which will probably occur now that I’ve mentioned it], it shouldn’t annoy me so badly. :bigsmile: