Small app. - Query Plextor Premium active lifetime use?

Apologies for this. I had a small application that could send a query to a Plextor Premium and return a time stamp showing the total active use\burn lifetime of the optical drive.

I no longer have this application, could a MyCE member kindly refresh my memory and point me in the right direction?

PXinfo from the Plextor website

Cheers jubjubbird, that’s it. I always assumed I was looking for a third party application for some reason.

A few newly aquired Plextors from eBay, time to find out the seller definition of the word ‘New’…

I purchased 3 used plex premiums awhile back…all looked good…only 1 would open the tray without my help…but that 1 works great…shows 800hrs of use…so it was either heavily used or the info is incorrect. Oh well, back when I bought them I ended up getting them for $25 shipped after partial refund for the 2 defective ones. :cool: