Small "1 meg total" files appear 34megs

I, really don’t get whats going on here - I burned 3 files total, in two concession’s. the first time, I burned two files, equaling 900KB; when i burned them, they used 24megs ondisc. the second time, i burned the 3rd file equaling 100KB, and the total space used on disc was 34megs.

someone please shed some light on why this is happening

Kinda hard to say when we have no ideas what programs you are using and what files you’re working with…

What kind of files and what programs are you using???

Edit: Thanks DrageMester…

Hi [B]garydavisjackie[/B], welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

You are burning multi-session CD-R/RW or DVD-R/RW and each session on a multi-session disc will use several MegaBytes of space in addition to the data you burn.

I don’t remember exactly how many MB overhead there is per session, but your numbers don’t sound unreasonable.

im using nero 7, burning to a cd-r - but does that matter? no really does it? :slight_smile:

You will still end up using more space on the disc than the size of the file you are burning due to the lead in and the closing of the session or disc. Adding one or two small files at a time on a disc will fill the disc quite fast.

First session will aquire approx. 24mb just for the FS and session info. Later sessions are not that greedy anymore.

well, i thank all of you - for your friendly, and great responses :clap: :clap: