Smal bug in NECDUMP v1.10?

When I want to know writespeeds for a certain MID (Ricohjpn R01) availlable with a certain NEC firmware (2.FC_QV3ME),
I use the “DVDSPEEDS” button and than press the “SEARCH” button, piece of cake this way :slight_smile: :iagree:
What puzzles me is that since the latest version of NECDUMP (v1.10), I get an “extra info box” with numbers before the search results are displayed.
Is this a cosmetic bug or what do these numbers mean ? :rolleyes:

See picture below and you’ll understand what I mean :

Seems to be a rather difficult question … :confused:

Allow me to try this : Has anyone maybe seen this popup of a “smal box containing only 4 numbers” with Necdump version 1.1 ?
v1.0 and earlier didn’t have this “problem”,

I also get these numbers. I think that Quikee2 has to fix a little bug…

Hehe… =) Forgot that I left this in… =) I used this message for debug information. Numbers are the Columns width IIRC =)

Well… I have the intention to release another bugfix release soon… as NecDump crashes with the new LD firmware ( toomuch changes in the firmware ).

Too much changes? The only thing the software tool does is reading out the MID’s and speeds or am I wrong.

Hehe… yes… but you have to detect where to start and end reading =) And the MID groups were changed in a way that the detection failed. Don’t know really where is the problem yet. So it’ll take some time to fix this problem. Maybe I’ll even have to write a new… smarter detection method.

Quikee, the release date for NecDump 1.1 in your signature is wrong, the year should be 2005 :slight_smile:

Hehe thnx… =)