SM-352B - Reading problems



Hey all

Bought some Taiyo Yuden media for my drive, just to get rid of excess clutter, mainly for burning SVCD’s etc, I keep games on the drive, but am going to burn films, if I can sort this problem.

Firstly, I burnt the SVCD to a Taiyo, attempted to play it, and it sat there tracking for ages before it played, but when I tried to seek, it would do it again. Could replicate this on both my other drive (LG 24x writer) and my Hitachi laptop dvdrom.

I did a cd read speed test with nero cd speed, it starts off at about 18 speed, about 3-4 mins into the disk, it violently drops to 8x, then slowly crawls up. It does this with both the Taiyo media, and some Nashua media I found lying around, with a different SVCD on it.

The drive managed to read an e-proformance cdr properly, with WinPE on it, although there was a tiny little change in speed at the same point, it wasnt really noticable, the others are massive drops from about 23x to 8x

Is my drive already on its way out? These were all burnt at 52x btw, should I burn slower?


Oh, whats the best writing sw for burning svcd’s, I’ve tried nero, blind write, and alcohol, all give the same results afaik