Sm-348 Overclock



Can the Samsung sm-348 be overclocked to a sm-352?


There’s only one way to find out… the answer is no if you don’t feel adventurous.


hy there

first: it doesn’t work! :frowning:

i just tried to flash my sm 348b witch t806 firmware of 352b with
mtk winflash. first all looks ok. the drive reads everything like befor.

but after firmware-flash i was unable to burn cd’s. the drive was recognized by nero as a sm-352b, writing speed 52x. then i’ve inserted a blank cd-r and the drive spin up and reads the cd-r. and that was the last action that the drive takes. all software on my machine locks (nero, ie, outlook) and i was unable to shutdown my computer.

now i’m working with firmware t510 for sm-348b and all works fine. i think you don’t need to have ability to burn with 52x because the time you save is about 10-20 seconds.

so on, i will stay @ 48x… :cool: