I have used AnyDVD/CloneDVD successfully for the 21 day trial period. Purchased keys from Slysoft. Have been unable to activate the keys. Slysoft support just repeat the same instructions (4 times). When I go to activate the keys I get Registration failed error. Can anybody help as I have given up on Slysoft.

Are you sure you have an internet connection while putting in the key?

Yes. I have followed the instructions faithfully.

@ PaulS,

Perchance are you aware that the CD Freaks Forums has a dedicated AnyDVD Forum (, which is a more appropriate Forum to receive assistance with your problem, than posting in the CD Freaks Newbie Forum.

If you would visit the AnyDVD Forum ( and search there for similar posting concerning this topic problem you will find that AnyDVD Forum Members have address this problem on numerous occasions.

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Fixed by getting Slysoft to send keys that work. Thanks