@SlySoft, Windows XP x64 & AnyDVD, Bug

I am using Windows XP Professional x64 Edition.
The problem i’m having is when i right click the AnyDVD icon the Autostart option is not checked with a tick, if i click on the Autostart option to enable it there is still no tick to confirm that it is enabled.
Even when i go in to the AnyDVD settings the Autostart option is also not checked with a tick to confirm Autostart is enabled, when i check the Autostart option and click OK to confirm and then go back in to the settings the check mark for the Autostart option is unchecked.
Also Autostart is allways enabled and can not be disabled even though the missing check marks indicate that Autostart is disabled.
This does’nt happen on the 32bit version of Windows XP Pro or Home, this only happens with Windows XP Professional x64 Edition.

Please Help!

Thank you for the report. I can reproduce this. A fix is on the way.

I noted it also
just used HijackThis to get rid of the start-up reg entry
never thought of it as a bug
thought it was my new system

I strongly recommend to keep AnyDVD running all the time. It fixes various problems with the Windows CD-ROM file system, prevents your drives to revert to PIO mode, does not require many CPU cycles and has a low memory footprint.

Thank you so much!

This is useful information. Thanks for the tip.