Slysoft Virtual Cd Drive

For some reason my Virtual Drive has stopped working. All my ISO’s show Slysoft Virtual Drive as the default program to open it, but the virtual drive no longer shows up as a drive letter in my computer.

This has only happened recently, it wont’ load any ISOs on my PC, does it have anything to do with AnyDvd? There’s been a lot of updates to AnyDvd lately, has this somehow disabled Virtual Drive?

After install I set it for 1 drive but the drive letter does not show up anywhere and I cannot mount any images. In device manager, I see virtual drive listed but, I was having a problem before, it was showing the drive letters in my computer, however it would mount images/ISOs but they would not play so I uninstalled it and downloaded the latest version from slysoft, but still not working.

Please help, this was a wonderful program and I used it quite alot.

I have gotten the drives to show up in My Computer, and I can mount an image. But I can’t play the movies. I use to use WindDVD to view the ISOs mounted with Virtual Clone, but now it opens WinDVD starts to play then stops, I have also tried Power DVD and the same thing, it shows the Virtual Drive as the source drive but it shows no chapter, menu etc.

Works fine when playing here it just takes over some file extensions i don’t want it to and i did uncheck what i didn’t want when running the .exe