Slysoft turned off my license

Be aware before you buy products from slysoft. I purchased a license for anydvd, have used it and enjoyed it for some time now. Out of the blue it says expired. When I contacted Slysoft they said they found my license on file sharing communities so they disabled it. I do not use any file sharing communities and I am the only one who uses my computer. They offered no proof that this has occured, they just took my license away. I believe this is a way they can recharge for their products. Although I like anydvd I will be looking for a different solution as I feel I have been clearly ripped off. So buyers beware.

then do what this says.

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This has been addressed quite a lot recently in our AnyDVD Forum, and a SlySoft Team Member posted this info:

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I sent them all that when I contacted them…got no response except:


This license was found in several filesharing communities. We have
blacklisted it. You can order a valid license on our website:

Best regards,

John Smith
Customer Support

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@gr3yw01f - unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do except point you to SlySoft. If you can prove you’re the owner of the licence, I’m sure Tom will look into it. Maybe try sending him a Private Message?

Clearly seems like a scam to me if it is happening to other people too.

i think you need to re-read that message again.
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I figured there was nothing you could do, I just wanted to warn people before they bought that they might lose their license if Slysoft chooses to take it at their own whim

As Arachne has said this has been discussed thoughly on our forum. There is nothing we can do for you. Your best bet is to take it up with Slysoft. We can help you use the program but we cannot offer support in this area. Contact the Slysoft rep in the link above please.

It’s not a scam. The number of people who aren’t having this problem far outweigh the ones who are. Slysoft “blacklists” registration keys that have been used x amount of times or reported to them by anonymous persons. They are only protecting their investment in the software and employees time involved with the software.

Exactly. If you beleve that your key has been wrongly blacklisted, you can take up the offer of personal attention from a Slysoft representative. 'Nuff said.

Before this thread takes the course of many others here at the moment. Everyone please calm down and take a breath.

Since version 5.0.9.x ( I think ) SlySoft have been blacklisting alot more keys to combat piracy. However in doing this some genuine users have been getting there licenses cancelled too.

gr3yw01f at present other than contacting SlySoft with your info that you have done there isn’t alot more that we here at CDF can do for you I am afraid.