Slysoft This bothers me



Because it was on sale I almost pushed the button and bought it today. Then in another forum I spotted this.

This is listed in the terms and conditions “We will disclose your Personal Information to the extent required in the event it must respond to subpoenas, court orders or other legal process”

I don’t like that at all :disagree: Im sure those words have been in the EULA for along time but I don’t see why my personal information has to be retained. It serves no purpose I can think of and again I don’t like it. Assign me a random user ID number but that is all. This puts my purchase on hold.

i may have posted this in the wrong forum, sorry was not sure where to put it


whether it’s stated or not, if there is a subpoena for customer information they HAVE to give it up.

i guess that begs the question as to how detailed the customer records have to be that are kept. I don’t know what the laws are, but it’s possible they are required to keep name and address information.

i hve faith in slysoft as a company, and I don’t think they’d breach your privacy unless it was absolutely necessary.

I am interested to hear a response on this though


it’s good that you’ve read it, i never read it, because if i want the program you have to agree with it, but maybe i should go through them now.


You know im serious to buy when I read an EULA from top to bottom. (and it’s long one) I would susjest people read it. It has some interesting stuff in it pertaining to personal information. (actually they go into a good amount of detail) As far as im concerned only the CC company needs my info to process an order. Not some company building a large data base on a program that some would call questionable. Remember they set up shop in a place where it’s legal to do what they do.
What that one single line says if the law comes looking everybody that bought the program could have their name up in lights. I can buy a program off the shelf and never regester it and nobody would know anything about me.


now, if only something happened to their database



Wow I wanted it too but didn’t read nothing, I am a man and when I want something that people say is basicly flawless I just go and buy it. However I don’t think these laws are too much of a worry for the fact where the company is located. I could be wrong.


I wanted to bump this back up before it got lost. I and others are still looking for an answer. I guess I can also ask on every board Im a member in.
Hope nobody mines the bump. Bk

Im not questioning the product, just the EULA.
Perhaps this belongs somewhere else on the board… Admins, Mods?


The cdf board is mostly members answering questions … so you can’t command Slysoft’s response or “expect” or always get slysoft to respond. Why don’t you contact Slysoft directly? Or just devise a method of ordering cloaked, without an electronic trail to you or order by mail under the name of “Chuch U. Farley” or something like that. This thread has [I]really[/I] gone about as far as it can.


I did not command slysoft to do anything. Does not mean I can not keep pushing the issue for an answer here or elsewhere . But questionable business practices usually have far reaching effects. Hate to say it but if you don’t want to read the thread don’t. I have not intention of getting into a pissing contest with you or anybody else on the subject. You have an option in front of you… It’s called the ignore button. Feel free to use it. Im well aware of my options.


I knew this reaction was within your personality type … just wanted to bring it out for all to see. This is a personal paranoia that most others don’t share.


CLICK: Now YOU don’t have to worry about it.


@ bkf,

As suggested by Forum member Whisperer1 have you actually taken the time and effort to actually contact SlySoft (support(at) (replace (at) with @) with you inquiry concerning the EULA?

If not what is the propose of this posting at the Forum? If you really wanted to obtain information concerning SlySoft’s EULA you would be contacting them personally instead of “Bump” your original forum posting.

As pointed out by Forum Member reasonsnotrules it really doesn’t matter what is stated or not stated in the EULA, if SlySoft (or any other company) is presented with a Subpoena for customer information they will have to provide the information. Perchance is the actual propose of your Forum posting some feeble attempt to start some controversy concerning SlySoft EULA statement? It most certainly appears so.

Best Regards,


I guess this does not have to be kept behind close doors. So many have said don’t pm me post in the room for all to see. I have a gut feeling they have no valid answer or they have not seen the question yet but I want an answer no matter where I have to post it. And I don’t plan on giving it up till we get that answer. They can answer here as well as anywhere else in open forum.

And BJ: nobody has to keep my personal information. This to will have to change.


My brother is an attorney and I asked him this specific question and he said his opinion was that because they are located in Antiguia it would have to be the Antiguian government asking for that information, no other country has jusisdiction there.


Dont agree. I still want an answer!


Feeble: Yea right. I want a straight answer to a straight question possed in another forum. I have no axe to grind with them but they are not getting my personal information. Anybody that has a problem with that, to bad. Perhaps ill fill out the form with your information. Been know to happen before. Why do you all seemed so ticked over a question that so far has not been answered? And no Subpoena stuff. Im sure the entire movie industry would like to see them in front of a firing squad. And a country that condones such programs give me a break they actually care who buys it. I see P2P in my future and yes it does work unless we get that answer. They are no magic. I saw it work yesterday at somebodys house. It did not call home nor did it report back in. For a full 24 hours. I want that response. Incase somebody thinks otherwise if they did a scan of my system they would find one slysoft entry. A bookmark to their web site.


@ bkf,

Perchance are you suggesting to avoid SlySoft’s EULA agreement that you are resorting to illegal means to obtaining SlySoft software programs?

From the tone of your #16 posting that appears to be what you are proposing.

Best Regards,


I think anything with the capabilities as Slysofts products 1click dvd fab ect… has some same sort of ELUA agreements. As for being scared I say this much it isn’t illeagal to purchase right now or use right now if it becomes that then that’ll be the end. Look at the old 321 software same thing nothing happened to the average joe use a purchase product the studios just put a newer encryption on their dvds and that was the end of the story. I doubt it but if perchance that was to happen here the same outcome we the users would just end up with worthless software if it was banned. There’s always new products on the market when the studios take one down. Quit whinning this is stupid… :a

I think slysoft has a great product well worth the money and hope nothing will ever happen to them. :clap: :iagree: :cop:

If you are that worried then email them as posted before; you are the only one complaining and your answers can be answered if you just email your issues.


Bj: If I was going to do that I could have done so already, not said a word, and been over with it. People do it all the time to avoid things like DRM. Like has been said a billion times before it only hurts the paying customer. I really don’t need the program. I was going to get it as more of a in style thing to do. Then this issue came up and that is why you won’t find it on my system. I don’t need my personal information handed around to enhance my user experience. Ever hear of identity theft, it’s out there and it’s real and I go to great lengths to prevent it. Im far from paranoid but I am careful. I think the question I asked is valid.
All Best Back Bk

ps: Yea I may be the only one asking but how many people read a long EULA from cover to cover :bigsmile:


bkf, have you emailed slysoft?

you’re fully justified in asking about the terms of their license agreement, but you can’t expect them to catch every single post about the company on different forums.

the most direct means of obtaining an answer would be to directly contact the company (and if you do receive a reply, feel free to post it here because I’m sure many members are intrigued now)