SlySoft tackles Hitman BD+ with AnyDVD HD

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In just over a week since SlySoft released the first version of AnyDVD HD to break BD+ on Blu-ray, SlySoft has released version which supports a new version of BD+ currently used on…

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I don’t think you can read too much into the delay with Hitman. As part of the cracking process, Slysoft are having to fathom out the meaning of instruction sets etc. and Hitman is the only disk to have had certain instructions on it. When new instructions turn up for the first time, there is bound to be a delay. But there cannot be infinite instructions, and so as time passes, this should diminish as a delay-causing issue. The sad part of all of this is that it appears that Blu-Ray won the format war on the strength of a further DRM layer which now looks like an expensive flop.

It looks like we’re going back to the days of new version updates of copy software like toilet paper… My guess is companies will get tired of this and just to “plug-in” updates to the copy protection the way antivirus & anitspyware do software updates.

The longer Companies try to thrust this DRM crap on the consumer the more consumers will realise they are not getting what they paid for and more so (as I have found out numerous times now buying genuine products only to have the DRM problems) the expensive goods they have purchased do not work as they are supposed to out of the box (PC Games is the No1 when it comes to not working when installed) , is it no wonder people turm to just downloading free of charge a version of the program that works properly from the start (Maybe because it has had the DRM crap removed to make it work right first time). Oh well they want to overcharge and sell software which will not work properly on consumers (customers) computers to purely increase their profit margins will only result in lots of lost sales from consumers who basically, and there is no other way to say it as a consumer, and from my own personal experiences with DRM, and that is the DRM only creates a pain in the ass (well from my experience of software with DRM 85% does not work out of the box) and makes the consumer think twice (if twice?) about paying for future crippled ware products and instead just download a actual copy that WILL WORK from the time it is installed. I say stuff the Adolf Hitler companies that try to control my use of legitimate software (if I can use it at all at first) and if they want to survive at all longterm they should be concentrating on an actual good product at a good price which doesn\\\'t piss customers of with their DRM (Dumb Ripoff Protection) not being able to use the software out of the box. They want to do themselves in well they just need to keep going the way tyey currently are, after all people the problem is the companies that put this extra costing crap on their disks that cause the problems.

I can’t wait for Blu-Ray shrink :smiley: