Slysoft Support

I am new to this forum and and amazed at the amount of support that is given here for the Fox I have been in other forums but nothing compares to getting answers here by so many that actually know their sh*t when it comes to Backups . I had a bad start with a member Tru on my firsts posts here in which I apologise to you TRU for my rudeness now that I find from reading previous posts you are indeed an asset to this forum I see it is those like you and reasonsandnorules that makes this forum the place to go for answers and to top it off Slysoft was here posting for like hours! and that totally blew me away I have never seen a product with such great support as this one of all the software I have owned. SlySoft and you all here I :bow: to you!

as you say, TRU knows his sh*t. :wink:
enjoy these forums and slysofts dedicated support :slight_smile:

You got that right…you will not see a better supported product. You’ll find that if you have a legitimate issue with a Slysoft product that a fix is usually forthcoming within hours. Sometimes, as last week, Slysoft updates AnyDVD to fix bugs several times a day! :slight_smile: It can be hard to keep up with, but, you’ll find that few other products take care of their customers as well as Slysoft.

Here here! As I’ve said before, if all software companies were as good as Slysoft and with all the super helpful people here, what an easy computing life we would all have. :slight_smile: