SlySoft should invest!

not being greedy or anything but after all this company has done with CD and DVD copying by making it seemless…imagine the possibilities of slysoft investing in developing programs to decrypt and copy say PS2 or Xbox games? oh the possibilities.

Not sure what you mean? Slysoft already sell CloneCD which will very happily copy PS2 games - XBox games can not be read by normal computer drives - so no software is going to help there!

Hi :slight_smile:
I’m not sure where this is going either.
Howabout mikser100 sets up a fund of which you (abrown15) & myself are the administrators.
Then we can vist Slysoft & put forward this & other proposals whilst sunning ourselves on the beach. Drinking rum, watching bikini clad young ladies.

The drinking rum and sunning part sounds great - however, I will have to put it off for a while - the Mrs is about to drop baby No2 anytime now - so she won’t let fly off anywhere - also pretty sure I can’t get a direct flight to Antigua from here!!

Congratulation to you and the wife with your soon to be new arrival, may it arrive healthy and happy to see you.

BTW In the UK, BWIA has daily direct flights from London’s Heathrow Airport to Antigua.

Hi :slight_smile:
Congrats abrown15.

Thanks guys - unfortunetly I am not in the UK - I live in Sunny Ireland!!

lol you guys are completely lost… what i ment was i wish slysoft had software for Backing up PS2 DVD-ROM’s (Decrypt & Copy)

and what did u mean CloneCD can make playable copies of ps2 games?.. i did not know this?!? lol

Yes, they do. CloneCD does back up DVDs as well.

For anyone who is interested a baby boy called Calum Pierse bounced into the world today weighing in at 8lbs 6 1/2 ounces after 14 hours of much grunting and straining (and that was just on my part)

Congratulations to you and your family on the arrival of Calum, 14 hours was a long wait and I hope the wife is recovering well. Doesn’t look like too much time available for DVD burning now, the child will make sure of that.

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See what sipping a little fine Irish Whiskey does for you.
I bet your at it again too.

Well to make matter worse - I am not Irish - actually Scottish - but it is not the Whiskey (or Whisky for the Scots out there) but the Murphy’s that certainly puts lead in your pencil - mmmm, also just had a thought Pfizer have a huge plant here, making, you guessed it, Viagra - wonder if it gets into the water supply???

@ abrown15,

Congratulations !

Where do we go to get our Cigars?

I hope Mom and Calum Pierse are doing fine.


If you start seeing a lot of tripods walking around town, that may confirm you suspicions about the water supply. :iagree:

Thanks guys - I know this is not the appropriate forum to be posting this info - but I don’t tend to post much in the livingroom or such - more just the Slysoft/Elby related ones.

And hey, at the end of the day, my chest is puffed out and if I wasn’t so knackered I would be stutting my stuff - but lets face it, 2 kids less than 2 years old in one house means hard work!!

I know you will be up to it. I raised 1 all by myself and I am over 60 years old. Hes is 13 now.