SlySoft releases CloneCD v5.0, adds DVD read/write functions!

I just posted the article SlySoft releases CloneCD v5.0, adds DVD read/write functions!.

  Mad  Burner and H-EvA-K both reported  us that the CloneCD software has been updated. Most of our visitors  will know this software as it's famous for its ability to back-up...
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Support for erasing DVD-RAM media would be much appreciated :wink:

But SlySoft have only had their hands on Clone for 2 whole days. How would they have found the time to do this??? :p:B Like we dont know how this partnership works. duh :wink:

They have had their hands on CloneCD since October 28th 2003!!

“But SlySoft have only had their hands on Clone for 2 whole days” Clone What ?! You’ve completely mixed up things, in this particular case “CD” with “DVD”. Furthermore, to “aquire the right to SELL CloneDVD” and to have hands on CloneDVD is day & night. Sure thing, some definitely know well how business partnerships work.

so they added dvd functions to clonecd…why??? why don’t they just combine the two products? clonecd was made to make 1:1 backups of cd’s can’t we just use clonedvd to make 1:1 copies of dvd’s? or is the rational to use clonedvd for movies and clonecd for non-movie cd/dvd’s? i don’t understand

I don’t understand it either…unless they are secretly working on a gamedvd copyprotection defeating scheme,this update sounds pretty useless to me…you still can’t resize dvdmovies with it,so it’s not a CloneDvd take-over .

perhaps combining the 2 pieces of software is the next step and you will get a software suite like pinnacle cd/dvd copy would love that

what we would really love is to make 1-1 back-up copies of dvd (d/l?) games, which defeats copy protection schemes.