SlySoft releases CloneCD update, now copies SafeDisc 3!



I just posted the article SlySoft releases CloneCD update, now copies SafeDisc 3!.

 JackiRipper2000, petspeed, Dragon4711 and serial_sam all reported to us that SlySoft has just released           a new version  of the CloneCD software. According to the change...
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“this version has some changes that will make a lot of people very happy…” …or some ( the pissed off & impatient ones ) to shut up @ long last.


Change: Removed “About” Sound Why ? I loved it !


CloneCD online !!! CloneCD Revision History: - Change: Reset of trial period :slight_smile:


welcome home clonecd :wink:


What profile is suggested for Safe Disc 3 to test slysoft’s annoncement?


thats fantastic news! will i be able to copy it with a liteon 52327s ?(i think thats the model)


i think SafeDisc 3 backups will only play with emulation :(, also does it say 3.2? or maybe its just older versions like 3.10? - ben :slight_smile:


Well, Doom3 STILL gives out the ‘emulator found’ message and won’t run the CCD(registered) copy in my CD-ROM. The copy was made with a 52327s with the 'ignore’option enabled. I unloaded the cd tray and rebooted. Still no go. I’ll try the ‘emulate’ option but so far I see no difference with DOOM3 copies made with CCD. My Alcohol120% copy, made with a 52327s, with the ‘ignore media’ option unchecked and no EFM correction works as a standalone in my CD-ROM’s with no emulation. I’ll try the ‘emulate’ option with CCD but don’t expect it to work. Doom3 can still spot the emulation. The revision history mentioned a ‘workaround’ for the blacklisting but there is not word one on how to do it. jimsburnerbin.


The revision history mentioned a ‘workaround’ for the blacklisting but there is not word one on how to do it. I think the workaround has been done by CloneCD software team, you don’t have to do anything .


Hm…it was odd for me when I burned DOOM III. I have a Lite-On 451S flashed to 832S. Burned using Alcohol 120…first copy didn’t work, even with bad sector emulation (I use Alcohol’s cheap-o emulation by the way), and then the second copy worked flawlessly, even without emulation and with Alcohol installed. Strange, though, that if I decide to run the game from the CD a second time before a restart, it won’t work again…


The “about” sound was 100% annoying


Had already burnt working copies of the CD version of The Sims 2 with Alcohol120%. Wanted a working backup of the DVD version too. CloneCD couldn’t do it, neither could it make a working backup of the CD version. Alcohol120% has had it all over CloneCD for some time. This version of CloneCD still cannot match it and is not worth the download.


Virtual CloneDrive Revision History Virtual CloneDrive - fixed some blacklisting issues - better support for CloneCD5 .dvd files - accepts .dvd images created with SonicRomFormatter - added support for .iso images with .dvd extension - Some minor fixes and improvements - updated languages


thanks for update


I already bought CloneCD a while ago. I have to spend another $15. WTF


With the new 15 dollar kick-back for old Elby users ( bought my license in september 2000 ) i have now finally upgraded. It feels good to be able to use CloneCD once again and allthough i own Alcohol as well i must say that CloneCD feels more reliable.