SlySoft releases CloneCD update, adds 4.85GB DVDR support



I just posted the article SlySoft releases CloneCD update, adds 4.85GB DVDR support.

 Thanks to  VirusHack and JackiRipper2000 we  know that SlySoft has today released a new CloneCD version. According to the changelog there  have been no major changes other than support...
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4.85GB Media???


Yeah, one of the disc manufacturers has released special extended capacity DVDR-5 discs. These store slightly more data on the disc then normal, similar to the situation with CDRs and 90min + discs (when the official standards are 74 and 80min only). They’re still single layer, but unless it’s an almost no cost option (AND all DVD-writers will burn them) then I don’t really see the point.


Apart from the odd game that is over the standard dvd-r size.