SlySoft releases AnyDVD update, v1.3.2.2, improved performance

I just posted the article SlySoft releases AnyDVD update, v1.3.2.2, improved performance.

 Thanks to DracUK who posted this news via  our CloneDVD Forum, we know  that SlySoft has released yet another update of their  AnyDVD software. AnyDVD  can decrypt CSS encrypted...
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Current version is with the following improvements: * if inserted media is no video dvd, all patches will be disabled * updated portuguese language

3 versions in a little less than 24 hours…yup, Olli’s got his hands all over this thing. :B

:x:d:):S Absolutely wonderful. It actually works just as advertised. I have tried Region Free and it could never be made to work and I even paid for it thinking they could use the money to make a version that worked. Purchasing AnyDVD was a pleasure. I love it when there is a breakthrough like this. AnyDVD worked on my Sony DVD writer where there is no region hack available. Sorry, Ollie, I should have known better then to doubt you. :B