SlySoft releases AnyDVD update, beats new copy-protection

I just posted the article SlySoft releases AnyDVD update, beats new copy-protection.

jellybelly reports us that SlySoft has today released AnyDVD version
This version adds a new option that removes a copy-protection based on
unreadable sectors. More information on…

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So has this new ARccOS technology been used with Region 1 DVDs? MB
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The autorun feature for dvd’s still doesn’t work in this new version.

Have you tried using Microsoft’s Tweak UI? Though this assumes you are using Windows :X MB

It does work fine with VIDEO DVDs, WITHOUT disabling autorun completely (to disable it completely, use TweakUI) Please visit the AnyDVD forum for a complete discussion on this subject…

the latest version of donation-ware DVDDecrypter ( supposedly handles ARccOS with no problems.