SlySoft Read This

DVD Shrink is better then CloneDVD 2 for Quality and easy to usa and faster.
Make CloneDVD better then DVD Shrink Pls work on that pls
Cus I love your work

keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Feedback Me pls Thanks

If you want to say this,please post smoe proof or your test result
Otherwise,your quick comment only make people confused

This is only a matter of opinion many people will disagree some will agree.
I have tried most of the software and prefer clonedvd although i use dvdshrink also and think they are both exellent products…
As for quality both do for me and speed\ease of use there is not much difference…
But instead of this post turning into a “my fav is better than your fav” like all the others why not do as marlowe says and prove it.

dvdshrink is a good program, but the author has said he will not develop it any longer. So it may not handle new things as they come along. Now, Olli just keeps on and on with updates and improvements. By the way, CloneDVD2 is not a Slysoft product, it comes from Elborate Bytes AG.

I think CloneDVD2 PQ is better than DVDshrink. I would like to see clone add some of the features of shrink, such as the variable compression rates by title. I’d also love to see a full re-code engine like DVDrebuilder. I don’t care if it takes a lot longer, to encode, I’m all about the best PQ.

Kudos to Oli for the consistant updates to Clone, it just keeps getting better.