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Hello James,

i want to buy the Any&CloneDVD Pack, but the German Shop “element 5” won´t sell it to Germany, even if i said i´m from Switzerland at the Shop.
Can you help me ?




I have tried this, but then element 5 is for the order from germany and they have cancelled this order, because anydvd is illegal in germany, so they wrote in the email.

Unfortunately we know its order NR. 10****** do not implement, since the sales of the software AnyDVD is legally forbidden in Germany, why we had unfortunately to cancel your order. Thank you for your understanding. Yours sincerely L. A******
Your team of element 5

Thats what happens when i try to order it from the Slysoft Website :Z

Dear Dragon4711:
Maybe you can try this link
I buyed AnyDVD+CloneDVD in this link a year ago without problem

Do you by any chance know anyone who lives in another country that can buy it for you and email your the key?

well try DVd decripter, it is free

You could always try www.epassporte.com. You can set up a virtual credit card for online use.

Get a generic Gmail account for emailing to they won’t know where you are then and put another address in, it’s not like they are going to be posting it to you :smiley:

Good idea…!

They will still know where you live by a billing address on your credit card.

simple to do,get a friend if you have one out of your country,and have him buy it…and e-mail the keys to you…believe me it works…

No, I’ve just tired for friend yesterday ! You just need a credit card and in the element 5 form you have to fill in Switzerland! That’s all