SlySoft officially releases CloneCD v4.3.1.9, fixes Premium bug

I just posted the article SlySoft officially releases CloneCD v4.3.1.9, fixes Premium bug.

SmallLittle used our news submit to tell us
that SlySoft has officially released CloneCD version Previously
we already reported about this upcoming…

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Plextor Premium drive still has an issue. Just before it is about to write the disc, the computer just shuts down. I do not know what the issue could be. This will have to fixed in the next update because it still has the issue. Just reverted back to 4202.

The CloneCD shut down problem is often caused by using an illegal key to register the software. Now, I don’t want to accuse you of piracy but are you sure you have a good (read: legal) key for the software? My Plextor Premium writer works just fine with this CloneCD version.

I had a problem with my legal serial that I used but all is good now and my new plextor premium is up and running. later buster