Slysoft offers reduced pricing with coupon code on all products



I just posted the article Slysoft offers reduced pricing with coupon code on all products.

Together with Slysoft we can now announce that by using the coupon code / promotion code: ‘cdfreaks’ you can receive the following discounts: Product Coupon value …

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#2 also has products available. Updates and so forth used to be mentioned on this site regularly. It’s odd that they haven’t been mentioned for months now. Advertising deals? Just curious. Would be nice to let others know there’s more than one solution out there.


The editors (with the exception of the site owners-one of which made this news post) here are independant from all advertising and are not paid. They post what seems interesting to them and hopefully the readers. You are right though, we have not posted about a DVDidle product for over 60 days. We simply can’t get all of them as we do this in our spare time. Also, we often do not post an update if there is little change from the previous version, as this was annoying some readers. We are always on the lookout for more volunteers as it would be nice to tell about all the different solutions. Maybe you would like to help us?!:! I think you would be a damn good writer cynicalbastard. :slight_smile: Everyone should rest assured that our news is not catering to any particular advertiser.
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Bah, even if it did, Crabby, you couldn’t go wrong with picking Slysoft. :wink: