Slysoft offers reduced pricing with coupon code on all products

Slysoft offers reduced pricing with coupon code on all products
Posted by Jan Willem on 22 March 2006 - 22:53 - Source: Slysoft

Together with Slysoft we can now announce that by using the coupon code / promotion code: ‘cdfreaks’ you can receive the following discounts:

Product Coupon value
single license bundle $39 5.00 US$
2 license bundle $59 10.00 US$
3 license bundle $78 15.00 US$
4 license bundle $95 20.00 US$

For example: The regular price of the 3 license bundle “AnyDVD + CloneDVD + CloneCD” is 78.00 US$. After using the coupon the remaining amount will be 63.00 US$. The big bundle with all 4 products is 75$ instead of 95$.

The code is valid till the 2nd of April 2006.

I think that with this pice of software company’s, it will be more badly to survive for them (see now also the price lowerings) because it becomes more difficult for a cd or dvd 1:1 copying which is provide with the last and the future copy security.

A security Like starforce as an example are impossible to beat 1:1 copying. (our hardware is the problem to) as a result of which we less and more less will use of this special software.
Than i don’t need software like clonecd anymore to do a copy job.

A software packing like nero can do a lot more other things than just copying and has than more to offer for our money.

To bad that it will no longer as easily as before to get a good 1:1 copy as in the past.

Believe me, I loved CloneCD and elby.

Hi, Is there a new code I can use, I want to buy the 4 Bundle for $75?